2011 - Year to get fit

I recognize this is a little off topic from my usual posts however due to the fact it’s new year I guess it’s time time to lose weight. I have just bought the Fat Burning Furnace plan after reading numerous Fat Burning Furnace Review reports on the net. I’ve been putting getting healthier off for approximately a year so I feel it’s time to do something about it. Happ New Year everybody. I am going to post again during the new year

Yay! I Have Just Acquired a Canon Video camera

I will make sure I report back when I have had a good play with it. Have a look at my article about it…


Just Found A Great Site With Info About Mini DV Video Camcorders!

Take a quick look at this great Squidoo lens about Mini Dv Camcorders.

Squidoo Lens
Let me know what you think.

Just Ordered a Canon ZR900 Digital Videocamera

Turned up this afternoon and getting excited about putting it through it’s paces. I will let you know how I get along in my upcoming post!

Something Helpful I found today

As you already know, I’m at the moment researching Mini DV Video cameras and I’ve been exploring the internet for as much knowledge as possible. I’ve been looking for the simplest way to thoroughly clean my video camera collection. Yes I recognize, I’ve got too many! But to be honest, I’ve several really old ones that I wish to look after. I stubled onto two or three good articles below that you need to take a look at…

How To Thoroughly clean Ones Mini DV Videocamera

How fix old cameras

I Hope you find these helpful.

United Arab Emirates will not likely ban Blackberry hand sets

The United Arab Emirates states it will not proceed with plans to bar Blackberry services, soon after talks with creator Research in Motion. It had threatened to suspend most services from 11 October. The UAE Telecom Regulatory Authority confirmed that it’s satisfied services on the devices are actually compliant with its security requirements. It had said Blackberries posed a threat because the network was encrypted and data located elsewhere. Read more.

Blackberry Torch 9800 Review: Week 1 by julesagogo

Canon MiniDV ZR800 Review

I have had the pleasure to have a good play around with the Canon ZR800 Mini DV Digital Camcorder from Canon and I’ve got to state, I’m seriously impressed. The little size and light-weight body would certainly make it an ideal selection for the traveller who would like to travel around light. Listed below are some of the main capabilities: -

  • 35x Optical Performance
  • Brilliant Video
  • Widescreen HR Recording
  • Easy Operation
  • Ideal Exposures
  • Share Your Videos
  • Additional Features

The primary thing that really pleased me was the quality of the video. It had been so clear as well as vivid. Among the many superior camcorders I have utilized until now.

I am disappointed that I couldn’t have had it longer but my friend had to take it back as he was about to take it on holiday. I wish I could have experienced much more time putting it through it’s paces but he had to take it back again. My up coming reviews really should be a lot much more descriptive. I assure!

Canon iVIS HF M31 Full HD Camcorders by schaft9

I am genuinely loving this wordpress blogging!

I realize this is a very little off topic nevertheless I simply just wanted to state that I ‘m loving learning to blog and owning my personal internet site. When my colleague informed me that he had his own web site I thought sure, I would definitely like to do that. Anyhow, not knowing anything at all about exactly what ‘Blogging’ was I managed to locate a very good description on Wikipedia. Now I currently have my very own web site and cannot wait to get started off!

I may possibly be putting together a Wp site shortly!

Hey there once again. I have just been enjoying a chat with one of my pals and he has suggested me that I ought to setup my blogging site using Wordpress and buy my own domain. All of it seems just a little complex to me as I’m definitely not so good with computer systems and the World-wide-web. I have already been searching for a few web hosting has my buddy stated that I’ll will need that. He suggested WebmostingPad and use a WebhostingPad Discount coupon at the checkput. Perhaps I will just wait and simply make use of my Tumblr web site right at this moment.

Just received my very first MiniDV Camcorder to assess!

OK, I have just been given my very first MiniDV Camcorder to look at. I will not mention what it is as of this time until I have it out of its box and set it through it’s paces. Lets simply state its one of Sony’s most recent video cameras. Only complication that i have is the fact that I haven’t any MiniDV Tapes at this time. I’ll be visiting the store sometime today to buy one. I will be seriously looking forward to playing around with it.

Panasonic DVC32 MiniDV Video Camera by luxen

Hmm, how to customize the appearance?

All right, so I realize this is only my 2nd post however I am having difficulties to switch the template on my website. This ıs going to be harder than I realized :(

Any thoughts?

Welcome to my personal Video camera Review Website

So, you have just landed on my very first blog post. Welcome!. The little blog are going to be largely focused on reviewing the most recent camcorders as well as cam corder related products and solutions. This is my very first blog and so please forgive the basic design. I hope you become a frequent viewer!

Sony DSR-400L DVCAM Camcorder by Tze Paul